October 2014



What would Jesus say to the LGBTQ community

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I’m often asked about my take on the gay rights issue. I agree with my friend, Caleb: “We’re not talking about an issue to be solved, but people to be loved.” I’m quite uncomfortable speaking into the issue with only one or two sentences (like a tweet or short Facebook post). Doing so often proves counterproductive. However, we all need to hear what the Bible says, and the Bible speaks into this issue on multiple levels.

I preached on this very subject. If you don’t care for Scripture, this sermon may not help you a ton. If we don’t begin at the same starting block, we’ll never reach the finish line together. But you might understand me better, and you’ll also learn of how God loves you and desires for me to love all people. I did my best to understand and address the varying Biblical opinions.

If this topic arouses hurt, confusion, apathy or vitriol, click the play button above. I think you’ll gain some clarity and compassion.

I may later upload the manuscript, but I like the idea of you hearing the tone of my voice. So for now, you’ll have to tolerate my voice. Hope you don’t mind.


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