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Dancing in No Man’s Land

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I’d never dreamt of writing a book until I felt one of the most noticeable nudges by God in my life. As you well know, I’m a time-strapped preacher with four kids, but I committed to studying and writing every Thursday morning. So I did. Little by little. For 4 ½ years. I’ve wanted to be a good steward of the book God placed in my heart. I’m so thankful for the encouragement so many have you have given to me.

On May 22nd, NavPress will release my book, Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving with Peace AND Truth in a Hostile World.

But you can order it, even now. Click here to see where you can buy it and to read some wonderful endorsements.

Also, if you’d like to apply to be part of our exclusive Launch Team, click here. Space is very limited, so apply quickly. If space hasn’t filled up, you’ll be contacted by Sarah, our Launch Team Captain. Below is the Launch Team scoop.


  • April 16: Facebook Group set-up and introductions made (not much work for you)
  • April 23-May 11: Reading and discussing the book (you’ll read about 50 pages a week)
  • May 14-22: Countdown to launch (you help by spreading the word)

Launch Team Benefits (What You Get from Me):

  • A free Advanced Reader Copy of Dancing in No Man’s Land
  • Access to our secret Facebook group – a diverse, inquisitive group of thinkers
  • Invitation to the exclusive pre-Launch Party
  • My undying gratitude and love – for real!!!

Launch Team Requirements (What I Need from You): 

  • Read the book.
  • Contribute to the Facebook group.
  • Leave a book review on Amazon and also iTunes and/or Goodreads.
  • Share about the book (blog, social media, with friends, etc.).
  • Brainstorm and carry-out other ways to promote the book. This might be through your direct influence (e-mail, a small group, your church, a blog for which you contribute, etc.) or it might involve asking someone with a unique audience to share about the book.


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