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4 ways your family should act like a church

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When we lead our family well, it looks a lot like a really healthy church. I love that we learn the practices of the church in its infancy. Following the first ever “Christian sermon,” three thousand are baptized, and Acts 2:42-47 tells us what they did. While the same exercise would be healthy for a church, look through the following list and consider if the following are true of your family:

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching: Are you leading your family to be devoted to Bible study and teaching?

They devoted themselves to fellowship: Being physically together is crucial, but Biblical fellowship extends well beyond a mere gathering. The early church committed to take care of each other, even when it required selling possessions to meet needs. Some would have lost jobs and families, as a result of following Christ. Are you quick to sacrifice in order to care for your family? And does your family sacrifice for others in your church to care for them?

They devoted themselves to the breaking of bread: They honored the Eucharist/communion. Do you follow this practice that Christ initiated? Does your family honor holy practices, which draw you to Jesus?

They devoted themselves to prayer: You cannot look anywhere in Acts without seeing that prayer was not just a part of their life; it was their life. Is your family dependent upon God through prayer?


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